Péti Polyethylene Bag and Film Manufacturer & Trader co.Ltd.
(Péti Zsák Kft.)
Welcome to the website of Péti Polyethylene Bag and Film Manufacturer & Trader co.Ltd…

Péti Zsák Kft. was founded by Nitrogémuvek PLC in 1994. – but the history of our company started way back in history – in 1973.

Nitrogénművek, (famous producer of „Petiso” and other “Genezis” nitrogen/foliar fertilizers) launched an own packaging material manufacturing unit in Petfurdo in 1973. This new business unit has produced printed polyethylene tubular films, PE bags and flat foil based on the internal demand of Nitrogénművek.
After 20 years of operation (in 1994.) our sole owner and parent company granted us the opportunity to also „enter the free market” with our reliable products and our extra capacity. Since then we have been a limited company with unlimited perspectives.
Now, after almost 50 years of continuous operation we have the appropriate knowledge, our highly qualified team of professionals and the latest technology to satisfy our clients’ needs.
We are active distributors for the chemical and construction industry, agriculture, ADR safety… Our products serve food industry, industrial high-speed packaging providers and delivery services day by day. Our packaging solutions protect their valuable content until their final destination – be that in Europe, in the USA or even in the Middle East.

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