The production of 3 layers film

It has got better mechanical features than mono layer films for example the sacks are stronger however the thickness of sack material is smaller. The colours of sack material are able to be different inside and outside. The weldability of the film is better.


Computer based control

All manufacturing process (thickness and width measurement, setting and raw material mixing) is automated that garantees a constant film quality.


6 colours printing

The printing machine is able to print to the FFS film with from 1 to 6 colours (altogether frontside and backside). The modern technology gives possibility to print onto folded of the rightside and leftside of the sack


Quality Assurance Laboratory

Our company has got ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificate and operates a quality assurance laboratory where the parameters and features of our products are continuously checked


High quality raw materials

The basic requirements of industry production is the constant quality. The raw materials are purchased from only leader suppliers who are audited and continuously checked.



The FFS films are produced and printed by the market leader German machine producer called W&H. These high quality machines provide the continuously for the constant quality.



for the cost efficient and esthetic packaging!

When the sacks are filled their shape become rectangular by reason of both side of FFS tube are folded, so the packaging stability and useable of area increase and the packaging become more esthetic.

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for the increased pallet stability!

On both sides of FFS tube our machine makes scrapy surface on two stripe with pressure roller technology. Hereby the adhesion friction is increased between stacked sacks.

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UV radiation protection


The UV resistance of films is able to increase up to 2 years according to customer’s requirements with UV stabilizer additives that is warranted by producer.

Recipe for winter use


When the FFS tubes are used in cold we offer or give special prescription. If the weather is very cold the films will not split, either.

Food industry quality


Our company produce foil from tested raw materials with applicable machine line so this foil can be used for food packaging and we give a certificate if it is needed.

Production parameters
Optional sizes, colors, thickness – up to 6-color printing
FFS film:
Width: 350-900mm
Thickness: 100-300 micron
Surface treatment: up to one or two sides, continous or discontinous technology
Film color: arbitrary or transparent
Roll diameter: max. 1800 mm
1-6 colour, 250-640mm width
Print lenght: 300, 330, 375, 440, 450, 460, 480, 520, 550, 600, 660, 750, 880, 920, 960, 1040, 1100 mm or continous
Pitch cylinder: 80, 140, 220
Film thickness: 60-300 micron
Reel inner diameter: 76-152 mm
Reel outer diameter: 250-1500 mm


Our Company has served the packaging demand of the industrial companies for more than 40 years in the area of packaging materials and lling technology, too.

Our technicians are aware of the fact that there are not same packaging machines and conditions. They learned it and in their opinion rst step of establishing a connection is to ask customers to exact parameters of packaging, technics and other parameters instead of only giving a a general oer. The high quantity production of our Costumers requires to install and optimize to the packaging material for the packaging system so we give offer of packaging material together with the complex and free service what includes the followings:

  • Our technicians visit the customer, make a measurement from the local demand, conditions and packaging machines.
  • Produce sample films on the basis of the previous measurement.
  • The sample delivery and local testing in case of need suggesting some setting parameters for the packaging machine.
  • If it is required our technicians train the customer’s machine operator (references for example: Nitrogénművek PLC, Azomures S.A., Duslo a.s.)

Options and Services
Different film colours According to requirements there is possibility to change the colour of film.There is possibility for request transparent, white colour or any other colour, too.
Unit load -on demand According to customers’ demand. They define the overpack of our products taking into consideration the weight and quantity.
Individual packaging In order to optimal delivery and product safety we individually check the requirements of customers for the reason the delivery cost becomes lower with the best area efficiency.
Forwarding in Europe One pallet? One truck?
We deliver the ordered goods wherever in Europe on EUR pallets or one-way pallets and the delivery cost is very competitive.
ADR, RID certificated sacks The products what manufactored by our technology is applicable to deliver dangerous goods. We arrange the certification for individual sizes if it is demanded.
Consulting We have been producing our products since 1973. We help our costumers to adjust their packaging machine, to choose the best packaging material.