Péti Polyethylene Bag maker & Trader Ltd
More than 40 years of manufacturing, 80.000 tonns film, 530 million bags…
The Péti Polietilén Zsák Ltd was founded in  1994 by the Nitrogémuvek PLC such as the founder and owner. Before the foundation this factory has worked since 1973 such as part plant of the Nitrogénmuvek and it produced polyethylene foil, hose, sack with bottom and bottom-valve on demand of our customers. The more than 40-years-old experience, the accomplished and high qualied team of technicians, the continuously innovated technology gave facilities to produces of our company for it, they are able to sell at the international markets. Our packaging products, what are usable on the high speed packaging systems, appear over the countries of Europe in the countries of middle east and the USA, too.

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